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About ARDXpeditions

  1. Amateur Radio DXpeditions (ARD) is a Norwegian non-profit organization

  2. ARD has a goal to maintain a high standard in planning and execution of DXpeditions. We also have an open and transparent organization and economy, and we run annual meetings. 

  3. ARD mission is planning, executing but also financing other DXpeditions 


Anyone can become a member of ARD if they want to:

  • contribute financially to future DXpeditions.

  • participate as a team member on DXpeditions

  • participate as off-island member of future DXpeditions

  • assist in planning and executing DXpeditions - work closely with us as an ARD member and perform various work tasks

  • be part of our DXpedition pool of resources – exchanges opinions and ideas related to DXpeditions and contribute where you can

  • Membership fee of your choice goes exclusively to finance DXpeditions

  • We welcome both active and inactive members

A membership is not an obligation to participate in any work, DXpedition or meeting – but an offer to join ARD based on your own time and will. 


As a member of ARD you can join us on an exciting journey to activate rare DXpeditions in the next decade. With the new solar cycle 25 we should see a lot more activations coming, and your membership might contribute to that. 

If you are interested in joining ARD please make a payment of your choice >$10 constituting your membership fee either by bank transfer or paypal.


“They did not know it was impossible so they did it”

― Mark Twain

Our Mission

Our Mission

Activating remote islands and rare or interesting DXCC to the benefit of the Amateur Radio community

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Our Vision

While digital modes won't be left behind, the main focus of ARDXpeditions will be to always prioritize human modes whenever it is possible and have fun! 

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